Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Innovation Competition

Mama na Mtoto Project is currently conducting the Innovation Competition activity in Misungwi District. All facilities will participate at the facility level by making sure all Health Facility Workers, Community Health Workers, and members of the community are working together to improve the facility and the Health Services by innovating any positive idea that will be a solution to any challenges they are facing using the resources they already have.

Objectives of Innovation Competition are:

1. Improve commitment among health care providers and the community by addressing roles and responsibilities.

2. Improve sustainability by engaging MNCH services stakeholders in a specified health facility.

After a period of one month, the team of judges will visit every facility and go through the checklist provided to every facility to see the improvement of the service provision and mark the score. All winners will be awarded prizes which will add value to the health facilities.

During the launching of the Competition ALL Facility In-Charges met at Ukiriguru to discuss the whole process, and the team was very excited.

Rainy Season Realities

On 12th April 2018 some of the MnM field team experienced first hand a reality that many residents of Misungwi and Kwimba face when seeking medical care during the rainy season: getting stuck in the mud! 

Thank you to the Matale CHW’s and community for all of their help getting the vehicle unstuck. We’re grateful to be operating in a community that was willing to drop everything and come to our aid despite the persisting rain.

Once we got the vehicle unstuck the team was able to have a productive conversation with members of the Matale health community about the exciting new Facility Innovation Competition.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

CHW Supervisor Orientation

MnM conducted a two day (14th to 15th March 2018) Supervisors' Orientation at Hungumalwa Kwimba District  with the purpose of orienting Community Healthcare Worker Supervisors in the role and plan for Community Leaders and CHW selection and re-selection. 

The CHW Supervisors were trained to understand the community engagement process within Mama na Mtoto, understanding the role of CHW's, the importance of CHW selection, how to improve their understanding of gender and social equity, and how to support the CHWs in identifying and addressing gender and social equity needs.

 CHW Supervisors demonstrating on how "knotty problem"
 theory helps to identify sustainable and best solution in the community
CHW Supervisor Group photo after training

Lighting the fire exercise indicating the importance of self reliance

 Pendo Wales, the Ward Executive Officer at Ilula, Kwimba 
illustrating on CHW Criteria for selection

Monday, March 12, 2018


Mama na Mtoto Project is constructing the very first Theatre at Mbarika Health Centre. SUMA JKT won the tender. Included below are photos of the progress of construction.

The Theatre will serve the expected population of more than 8528 individuals from the Mbarika Ward. It will also serve the health facilities of  Lubiri, Bugisha, Igongwa, Mahando, Mwawile, Nkinga, Mwamazengo, Isesa, Mbalama, and Sumbugu from Misungwi District as well as people from the neighbouring districts of Sengerema and Geita. The Project will also equip the theatre with all clinical facilities and necessary equipment.

Once completed, the Theatre will reduce the traveling distance to the Misasi or Misungwi Hospitals, which will expedite the referral process and provide life-saving services to our community. 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Happy Friday

The Mama na Mtoto Field Team is Wishing you a Happy Friday
"...Nothing is Greater than what you believe..."

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

ICT Equipments handover

Mama na Mtoto Project sponsored by the Government of Canada (Global Affairs) with the main objective to reduce the mortality of pregnant mothers and children under the age of five years.

The project is implemented in Mwanza Region, Misungwi and Kwimba Districts' Hospitals, Health Centers and All Dispensary. One of the activities done by the Project is to strengthen the Health System and to improve overall health information / data. In this project the Project have identified challenges in collecting, maintaining, organizing and presenting Health information based on the Distance of Health Providers from their facilities to the District.

Towards the Establishment of Data Recovery Centers (Data Hub), the Project has provided the Computer set with its UPSs and Printers that will improve and facilitate data activities in the District.

Also the project deals with the improvement of Referral Services to save emergency health care. The Project provided mobile phones connected to all Health Centers for simplifying communication between Health Centers and District Experts during Referrals and Information sharing as well.

Computer sets and Printers are provided to Mwawile Dispensary, Misasi Health Centre, Mbarika Healt Centre and Koromije Health Centre. Mobile phones are for All Centers located in Misungwi District and District Health Experts. 

The Misungwi DC and DED and the Member of Parliament were very thankful and promise to keep on working with Mama na Mtoto and make sure all the items are going to be used as planned and agreed. The Handover activity took place at Misungwi on 6th March 2018

Magdalena Mwaikambo: MnM Health System Strengthening Co. handling over the items
to Misungwi DC and DED and Misungwi Member of Parliament Hon. Kitwanga

Misungwi DC during the speech

LEFT: Albert Francis: MnM Project Data and IT Officer after official greetings from MnM
RIGHT: Misungwi DED welcoming the guest of honor to speek with the audience

Monday, January 22, 2018

3rd Annual Work Plan Workshop

Mama na Mtoto kicked off the year with its Annual Work Plan Workshop. Facilitated by MnM Field Manager Tanya Salewski, the 3-day session looked back on the past year's activities and financial report. Participants engaged in constructive discussions about team progress and opportunities and worked collaboratively to plan for the upcoming year. We were thrilled to have representatives from the Council of Health Management Team, Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences, University of Calgary, Agriteam Canada, Agriteam Health Tanzania, and the local MnM Field Team all in attendance.

Dr. Matovelo, MnM PI contributing ideas during the meeting
Dr. Jenn Brenner, MnM Director from the University of Calgary
Tumsifu, MnM Project Coordinator, presenting the
Community Engagement activities of the past year

Keneth, MnM Finance and Admin Manager, presenting the
Annual Finance Report

Friday, November 3, 2017

[VIDEO] Mbarika Health Centre receives new ambulance

Mama na Mtoto is proud to present a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser Hard Top Ambulance to the Misungwi District Executive Director (DED) Eliurd Mwaiteleke, District Medical Officer (DMO) Dr. Zabron Masatu and Council of Health Management Team (CHMT) officers. The vehicle will serve as the Mbarika Health Centre's very first ambulance. The facility has previously relied on the Misasi Health Centre to send an ambulance over when needed, leading to delays in addressing emergencies. The new ambulance will strengthen the referral system and accelerate access to healthcare for the facility's 5000 clients.

Thursday, July 27, 2017


CHW  Training is in progress. MnM Project and the facilitators from the Ministry of Health are drilling out the new CHW ready to go and serve the community